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Social Responsibility

Responsible Travel . Understanding the Need to Give Back

At Expeditions Myanmar we believe in the power of travel and tourism to connect people and through that connection we know comes the power to improve people’s lives for both the passing visitors and the local community members. Acknowledging that positive power is a key part of responsible travel. For Expeditions Myanmar it means both creating unique and rewarding travel experiences for our clients and also giving back to the people and places that helped to make your Myanmar travel experience meaningful. As part of our new focus on responsible travel we will be undertaking different projects and initiatives that can help us to give back on behalf of our company and our clients. Our first initiative starting this year sees a donation from every confirmed booking with Expeditions Myanmar go to a selected local organization that is working to help their communities.

Currently our Responsible Travel Donations go to a local orphanage in the city of Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State located in the northeastern part of the country. This orphanage cares for around 300 children, ranging in age from new-born to 12 years old, and relies heavily on daily donations to provide meals and schooling for the children. Many of the children are Pa-O ethnic minority, who form a visible part of the population in Shan State. The orphanage was built by two sisters, Daw Gyi & Daw Nge, who are English teachers, therefore, the orphanage is referred to by locals as the Daw Gyi & Daw Nge School. Expeditions Myanmar first learned of the good work of the school through some of our local team members, originally from Taunggyi, who have had a chance to visit with the orphanage children and see first hand the opportunities to help improve their lives. There even a little help can go a long way. All donations received from Expeditions are accompanied by a formal written receipt from the orphanage and is available to clients upon request.


Managing Director, Nan Win, visits with orphanage children

Social Responsibility

For more infomation about this recipient, the city of Taunggyi, or the orphanage, please contact us at [email protected]