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Our History

As an independent destination management company, Expeditions Myanmar was born in 2007 from a union of experienced travel professionals with a passion for showing the best that Myanmar has to offer. With a team where the key management comprises individuals with many years of on-the-ground experience, we have taken the time to really get to know the dynamic destination that is Myanmar and to develop long-term friendly relationships with anyone our clients might come into contact with – from hotels, and transportation suppliers, to customer service providers across the country. We have an eye for creating authentic and dynamic travel experiences and our energetic and flexible team is always striving to set a new standard in destination management for this one of a kind destination. Each trip is handled with the aim of surpassing the expectations and standards of leading international tour operators by providing competitive prices and at the same time without any sacrificing of quality.  All of this comes together to enable Expeditions Myanmar to create truly unique trips that are a custom blend of comfort, luxury, and adventure… a true journey with a purpose.