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Mrauk U

5 Days


Classic & Cultural

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Dutch traveller Gautier Schouten who visited Arakan 1660 wrote: “As we ascended sufficiently high up the mountain we could decry the city of Arakan and the golden roof of the palace, which shone magnificiently in the rays of the sun. Here and there, both on the mountain and in the valleys the eye fell on many pagodas, which made the view most enchanting. To the other side lay our settlement and our Residence, with lakes, fish-ponds, orchards, and country houses. On the opposite side of the mountain was a descent into a lovely country which in the far distance was seen to be encircled by yet other mountains dotted with townships, villages and beautiful fields, indeed, it would be difficult to imagine a more entrancing landscape.”


  • Sittwe port town by the Bay of Bengal
  • Cruise on Kaledan River to Mrauk U
  • Lost city of Mrauk U
  • Shite Taung temple aka Borobudur of Myanmar
  • Laymro River trip to Chin villages

In Brief

  • DAY 1: Flight to Sittwe. Afternoon sightseeing in Sittwe
  • DAY 2: Boat trip to Mrauk U. Late afternoon in Mrauk U
  • DAY 3: Sightseeing in Mrauk U and Wethali
  • DAY 4: Journey up Laymro River to Chin villages
  • DAY 5: Boat trip back to Sittwe and flight to Yangon

Detailed Itinerary


Morning pick up from your hotel in Yangon and transfer to Yangon domestic airport for flight to Sittwe. Afternoon arrival to to SITTWE, a former seaside capital of colonial Burma where the Rivers Kaledan and Lemro meet the grand Bay of Bengal. After enjoying a late lunch at a local restaurant, we visit the following town highlights: the CULTURAL MUSEUM, with an impressive wealth of cultural artifacts representing the Rakhine civilization that dates as far back as 3000 BC; the BUDDHIST NUNNERY, a stately building hailing from by gone times; and the fascinating LOCAL FISH MARKET, at times with thousands of fish on display from the deep Bay of Bengal. We continue to mouth of the RIVER KALEDAN where it kisses the Bay of Bengal, and stroll on the black sand beaches amidst a beautiful setting sun.

  • Meals included: Lunch, dinner
  • Overnight stay: In Sittwe in hotel


Early breakfast at the hotel and transfer to Sittwe jetty for the boat journey to Mrauk U. The 70km cruise upstream the Kaledan River travels though farming region and small riverside communities. The travel time varies between 4-7 hours depending on boat size and river conditions. Simple packed lunches are provided on the boat. On arrival to the Mrauk U Pier half a mile south of the town’s central market, we transfer to hotel. In the afternoon, we embark on a journey to the ruins of LOST ARAKAN KINGDOM OF MRAUK U, a seaport at the crossroads of ancient trading routes between the East and West. Mrauk U has inherited a rich cultural legacy, particularly the 700 enchanting temple ruins scattered over misty hills.

We visit the fortress-like SHITE THAUNG TEMPLE, a solid structure with thick heavy walls housing some 84,000 Buddhas and reputed to be modelled after Indonesia’s Borobudur. We continue to adjacent ANDAW THEIN ORDINATION TEMPLE, which houses a stupa believed to contain the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha brought from Sri Lanka by the Burmese King Mindon. Nearby on a hill is HTUKKAN THEIN FORTRESS TEMPLE, with only one entrance, three inner chambers and small windows designed to let the rays of the dawning sun shine directly onto the central Buddha statue in the main vault.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight stay: In Mrauk U in hotel


After breakfast, we visit the central MRAUK U MARKET to see the typical Rakhine foods and products sold, then drive 30min/14km to the ruins of the Wethali. The ANCIENT CITY OF WETHALI (VESALI) was a thriving dynasty from the 4th to 9th centuries, though little but overgrown bushes remain. At the GREAT WETHALI PAYAGYI, we admire the 17ft-high seated Buddha crafted from a single slab of sandstone, set amidst a panoramic view of quaint villages and farmland. We return to Mrauk U for lunch and later in the afternoon, visit the serene PHARAOUK TEMPLE, built in late 1500s and with a solid stupa featuring 29 life-sized Buddha’s seated radially in its wall. Continuing to KOTHAUNG TEMPLE, we visit the most colossal temple of Mrauk U, named for the 90,000 statues it originally housed. If weather permits, we climb to the SHWEGUDAUNG PAYA, the highest pagoda of Mrauk U to enjoy the captivating views of temples winking under the setting sun.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight stay: In Mrauk U in hotel


Breakfast at hotel and depart for a pleasant boat trip upstream on Lemro River from Mrauk U. During our river journey we see vegetable gardens and cultivations, make a stop at lively Pan Mraun morning market (held on Tuesdays and Saturdays) and visit several ethnic Chin minority villages. Some of the old ladies still have facial tattoos in this region and are proud to pose for some pictures for extra income for their families and to receive visitors curious about Chin traditions and culture. The disappearing tradition of facial tattooing has been practiced among Chin tribes since the ancient Burmese Kings times throughout generations. Return back to Mrauk U in the afternoon. Rest of day is free at leisure to explore the surroundings.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight stay: In Mrauk U in hotel


Early breakfast at the hotel followed by a boat ride to Sittwe. If time permits, we visit enroute a MRO ETHNIC MINORITY VILLAGE, known for intricate designs of the Khami traditional dress hand woven by the local tapet backstrap loom. Lunch is served on board the boat. Upon arrival to Sittwe, we transfer to the airport for the afternoon flight back to Yangon. In Yangon, we transfer to the hotel and rest.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight stay: Not included